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Course Topics:

•  3 Leadership Styles
•  5 Keys to Becoming a Successful Leader
•  Effective Coaching Strategies
•  Creating Strong Resilient Teams
•  Creating Trust & Communication
•  Creating Great Orientations
•  Creating Employee Engagement
•  Improving Employee Retention
•  Successful Delegation
•  Preventing Employee Performance Issues
•  Constructive Critical Feedback
•  Improving Employee Motivation
•  Managing Employee Performance Issues
•  Progressive Discipline
•  Stress Management & Wellness
•  10 Strategies for Boosting Recruitment
•  Managing Change & Transition
•  Managing Competing Priorities

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Here's What Leaders Are Saying ...

"I used to feel kind of scared ... to do the wrong thing or to make stupid mistakes. Now I feel way more confident in doing my job. Paula is way cool as our teacher."

"There's simply no downside to this training. It's saved us thousands! And, our new supervisors start it right away."

"We feel that Paula is speaking directly to us in these modules. We are better managers because of this training" 

"A perfect balance of "basic" but not simplistic or superficial."

"We even get staff involved who we think have "leadership potential". No extra outlay to get them ready too!"

"Paula clearly understands our challenges. Her examples make the material on-point ... it's soooo practical."

"Adding stories ... helps [us] identify with you. People see you as a colleague when you impart your challenges and successes as you go about your career."

"New supervisors are avoiding developing bad habits. Some long term supervisors and managers are upping their game."

"... you speak from the heart, recognizing you have the passion and confidence about your topic and knowing what is important for you..."


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